Minnesota Lineworkers Rodeo

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Minnesota Lineworkers Rodeo

Date: September 12, 2017
  • 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: MMUA Training Center, 1004 Michigan Road, Marshall, MN
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Members: $0

Nonmembers: $25

Join us for the first Minnesota Lineworkers Rodeo!

The Rodeo offers participants the opportunity to increase proficiency and gain confidence. Rather than team events, our first Rodeo will have single-person events to encourage participation. Everyone who participates will receive a shirt and is invited to join us for our awards reception in the evening.

The Rodeo is open to any lineworker.

Individual Events

Hurtman Rescue, 5kV Insulator Change Out, Obstacle Course

Hurtman Rescue, 5kV Insulator Change Out, Obstacle Course


Tuesday, September 12
9:00 am  Competitor Check In
9:45 am  Opening Ceremony
10:00 am - 12:30 pm  Rodeo Competition

5:00 pm  Awards Reception

Description of Events

Event 1: Hurtman Rescue
The competitor will rescue a “hurtman” mannequin that is attached to the top of a pole. This event will be simulated dead. Time starts at the judge’s signal with competitor standing at least an arm’s length from pole in any direction. Note: The lineworker’s belt, hooks and rubber gloves in bag will be lying on the ground at arm’s length. Time allotted: To be announced.

Event 2: 5kV Insulator Change Out
The event will consist of changing both pin type insulators that are tied in with a preform wrap-lock tie with a rubber grommet. This is a simulated 5kV energized event on crossarm construction with primary phases on the end of the arm. A complete set of all necessary hardware will be available on the ground at each event pole. Time allotted: To be announced.

Event 3: Obstacle Course
The obstacle course will consist of climbing up through and over crossarms, transitioning to a new position at a different level. At each level there will be another task to perform before proceeding on to the next level. Time allotted: To be announced.

The competitor will climb a 40 foot pole equipped with three crossarms. The competitor will stop at each arm and relocate the arm-mounted device to the opposite end of the arm. The competitor may begin the event at the top arm or the bottom arm.

The lowest crossarm will be mounted at 22 feet equipped with a drop-in pin mounted porcelain 15kV tie-top insulator. The second arm will be mounted 6 feet higher, at 28 feet and will be equipped with a 15kV polymer deadend insulator fixed to the arm with a 5/8” eye bolt, square washer and nut. The top arm, mounted 5 feet above the second arm at 33 feet, will be equipped with a 100 amp 15kV fused switch mounted on an “L” bracket. 

After the competitor has negotiated the crossarm portion of the event, from the ground, he shall use an extendo stick to open the fused switch, remove the barrel and bring the barrel down to the ground. After touching the barrel, the competitor will re-install the barrel and close the switch. The event timing ends when the barrel is closed.

What to Bring

  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Work Boots
  • Handline
  • Material Bag for Event 2
  • Minimum Class 2 Rubber Gloves
  • Rubber Sleeves
  • Climbing Gear with Fall Restraint
  • Rain Gear (just in case)

Registration Fee

Members —no cost
Non-Members—$25 per person

Deadline to register is August 22, 2017. Sorry, no on-site registration.


Trophies/plaques will be awarded to top three individuals in each category, for each event. Plus, we will award an Overall trophy in the Apprentice category and Journeyman category. Awards will be presented at the Reception.

Hotel / Motel Information - Marshall, MN

For a map of hotels in Marshall, click HERE. The AmericInn and Ramada offer special pricing for participants. Just ask for MMUA's reduced rate when making your reservation.


By registering for this event I, the attendee, authorize Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association (MMUA) to photograph me at this event and use such photographs in MMUA marketing materials (both electronic and print). I understand that I will not be paid for giving this consent. 


Please contact Theresa Neddermeyer by email tneddermeyer@mmua.org or phone 763.551.1230.

A printable version of the Minnesota Lineworker Rodeo brochure is also available.


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Video Captures 2016 Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo

We now have a 4-minute rodeo recap video of the 2016 Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo, live on the MMUA YouTube channel.  It features great footage and interviews with a number of key players in the event.  The April 2 event was hosted by Shakopee Public Utilities and MMUA, and brought together lineworkers from across the country. Watch this video and enjoy reliving that amazing day.  Be sure to bundle up before you click!