Policy on Educational Content

MMUA educational programs, workshops, schools, and conferences are learning experiences and as such are noncommercial. MMUA will seek and provide a balanced slate of speakers with a diversity of backgrounds, expertise, and organizational affiliations.

The organization’s educational and training material will present legal/regulatory requirements, industry standards, emerging issues, and best practices in an unbiased manner. When more than one method of doing something is both lawful and generally accepted as a best practice, multiple methods will—to the extent practical—be presented or acknowledged. During educational sessions:                                                                            

  • Speakers shall be expected to not endorse specific products and should refrain from using brand names.
  • Under no circumstances should the speaker’s podium be used for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or monetary self-interest.
  • Speakers must refrain from making statements, even when intended as humorous, that disparage or disrespect others in any manner.
  • Listing general pros and cons of various features would generally be acceptable, while stating “products made by ABC company are the best” would not be acceptable. For example, stating that cloth masks are better than nothing in helping control COVID-19 but that KN95 and N95 masks work even better, would be permissible; saying Jones masks are better than Smith masks would not be acceptable.

When in doubt, speakers should discuss proposed content with MMUA’s designated staff member for the event. MMUA recommends that slide decks, videos, and other collateral material be provided for review at least 7 days prior to the start of the event to better facilitate this process.

MMUA will offer opportunities for its associate members to promote products and services to the membership. These opportunities will be clearly labeled and promoted in a manner that distinguishes them as promotional or commercial, rather than educational in purpose. These activities generally will not be approved for continuing education credit by various credentialing bodies. During such programs commercialism and self-promotion by speakers is customary and encouraged.

Approved by the MMUA Board of Directors February 9, 2022