Firstline Supervision

A new approach

FirstLine Supervision is a performance-proven program designed around a solid core of interpersonal skills to provide the first line supervisor with leadership skills needed in today’s competitive market. Modules, unique to municipal utilities, have been developed and blended with selected modules from AchieveForum leadership programs to present a supervision program for MMUA members.

Today’s first-line supervisors and managers experience increasing demands for higher performance. At the same time, they must master complex new rules that require collaboration, innovation, and quick solutions to sudden changes. Firstline Supervision gives managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individual contributors the basic understanding and skills they need to interact with others in organizations where employee involvement is increasing.

This program includes the basics, yet goes beyond the traditional supervisory-management program. The format uses behavior modeling, which stresses realistic examples, discussion, practice, feedback and planning, with emphasis on the practice. It stresses working with people.

Management support important

Management support for program participants is critical. Staff from Central Lakes College is available upon request to meet or consult with the participant’s supervisor to coordinate skills developed by training with the on-the-job skill opportunities. Cooperation between the employer, the employee and the training institution ensures maximum results. Supervisors receive a description of the expected skill development plus a ready reference to the skills learned after the training session.

Everyone wins

The payoffs are enormous for a supervisor who masters the skills in Firstline Supervision.

For the supervisor, it includes the satisfaction of being involved in building stronger people, stronger teams, and stronger systems, all of which are needed in these challenging times. There is also the knowledge that they are making a major contribution to the organization while also growing both personally and professionally.

For employees who work for such a supervisor, the payoffs include being associated with a leader who is a builder. It means having greater opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution and to have pride in their work. It means developing in skills and confidence as a part of a winning team.

For the organization, the chance to build increasing strength in its people, its services and its systems has great payback over the long term. It means meeting strategic objectives that can help ensure economic survival.

Who should attend?

• A lead person, whether they are a lineworker dealing with several people, or an administrative secretary, managing office procedures and policies.

• This program is ideal for the newly promoted manager or supervisor. Supervising people that were once your friend and counterpart on the job will require a whole new set of skills and solid leadership training!

• The experienced manager or supervisor. They need training just as much as the new manager or supervisor! Often times people in this position have never had any previous training and can use new insights and perspectives on the essentials of leadership skills.

The instructor

Eloise Thorson is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Foods and Business and an MA in Organizational Leadership from the University of St. Catherine. She has more than 20 years of experience training in industry for the Central Lakes College. Her training experience has been with personnel in government agencies, healthcare facilities, manufacturing and service organizations.

Next sessions

Session 2

October 10-12, 2018 in Plymouth - CLASS IS FULL
October 24-26, 2018 in Brainerd - CLASS IS FULL
November 14-16, 2018 in Plymouth - CLASS IS FULL

Session 3

February 6-8, 2019 in Brainerd
February 20-22. 2019 in Plymouth
March 6-8. 2019 in Plymouth

Due to the number of students in the program, each session is repeated three times. Attendees will select one date from the three options. To register, select the date that works for your schedule.

New students can begin at any point in the program; they do not have to begin with session 1. A student starting with session 2 will go on to session 3, 4 and then graduate on 1.

Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship

The MMUA Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship provides funding for post-secondary education. Winners must be customers, or dependents of customers, of MMUA-member electric or gas utilities. The essay contest takes place in the spring of the year.

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