Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a two-year program designed for both current and future senior leaders. Four two-day sessions per year will be held at the MMUA office, with an allowance for travel time on both days. The first day of each session will feature a networking dinner and focused discussion. Class size will be limited to 25 students.
The curriculum will consist primarily of various articles and materials provided electronically. Typically, a book on leadership will be assigned for reading prior to each session. Students will go through an assessment between the first and second course sessions to help the instructor and the students understand their styles, strengths, and potential deficiencies in key competencies. Students will have tasks to work on between sessions and will be expected to do some journaling. 
Each session is a crucial building block in developing the skills, awareness, and perspective of a true leader.  Those signing up for the Academy need to be committed to attending each session, in order.
Year One Sessions
Building Great Teams   
Political Intelligence and Conflict - Navigating the Minefields  
Communications - Presence of A Leader
Building the Toolbox of Leadership
Year Two Sessions
Character - Mind of a Leader and H.R. Strategies 
Behaviors of a Leader - Organization and Administration
Financial Leadership and Stewardship 
Seeing the Big Picture - Strategic Planning
Program Fee
Each session is priced at $600, which includes books and materials as well as the cost of the group dinner. The annual cost is $2,400 and the full two-year program fee is $4,800. 
Primary Instructor
The primary instructor for the Academy is Kent Myers, Managing Partner of VISION Companies.  Kent has over 25 years of experience providing strategic visioning, operational effectiveness, and technology alignment consulting services to global companies. He has a decade of experience in working with Minnesota municipal utilities on leadership and culture development and strategic visioning. In addition to his extensive consulting practice, Kent is an adjunct professor at the Harvard Business School. 
Additional Instructors  
Dr. Wes Feltner, PHD, Leadership Development
Bruce Moyer, prior CFO and COO, United HealthCare
Executive Guest Speakers
Some sessions will feature guest speakers who have been through their own journey of adversity and triumph and have expertise in that session’s leadership topic.
Session Dates for Group 1
2017                        2018
Feb. 8-9                  Feb. 7-8
May 23-24              May 22-23
Sept. 13-14            Sept. 12-13
Nov. 29-30             Nov. 28-29
Session Dates for Group 2
2018                        2019
Mar. 14-15             Mar. 13-14
May 16-17              May 29-30
Sept. 26-27            Sept. 25-26
Dec. 12-13             Dec. 11-12
Students who fulfill all course requirements will receive recognition from the Academy that attests to the various competencies they have demonstrated.
Scholarship Opportunity
MMUA will offer three partial scholarships to applicants from member utilities serving 2,500 customers or less. Each scholarship will reduce the cost of the program by $150 per session, or $600 per year, for the full two-year term of the course. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis. A member utility will be eligible for a scholarship for only one student at a time. Students are expected to complete the full two-year program.
If you are interested in registering for the third group, please email Rita Kelly. You will be placed on a list and have priority when registration opens for a new group.

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