MMUA held a CIP Summit at its Plymouth offices Wednesday, Nov. 4. ‘CIP’ stands for Conservation Improvement Program and the acronym is pronounced ‘sip.’ 

The CIP statute has been around since 1980, and has been amended numerous times over the years. MMUA is actively seeking input from municipal utilities across the state on what changes to CIP, if any, would make the program more manageable or useful.

We would like to thank all of the utility and power agency representatives that attended our CIP Summit. We received a lot of good input and government relations staff Bill Black and Amanda Duerr are synthesizing the discussion. We continue to seek member input on the issue. We plan to update MMUA’s position statement and participate in any related regulatory and legislative activities.

This open-ended discussion includes considering all options large and small, for both the near-future and long-term.

Please send us your comments, either in reply to this blog or through an email or call. We will be in touch on this issue going forward. Thanks for your consideration and input!