Openings on MPUC; Water/Wastewater Advisory Council

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Openings on MPUC; Water/Wastewater Advisory Council

November 2, 2015

There are numerous current openings for various state boards, councils and committees that are accepting applications, due Nov. 24. You are encouraged to apply and serve. Two that may be of particular interest to MMUA members are:



ST. PAUL, MN 55101?2147


MS 216, 216A, 216B, 216E, 216F, 216G, 216H, & 237

Appointing: Governor

Compensation: $97,489 per year

January 2016 Vacancies: One Member

The commission regulates the rates and services of electric, natural gas, and local, landline telephone companies, as well as need and locational certification for large energy facilities. It does so through public hearings, contested case hearings, rulemaking hearings and resolving informal complaints. The commission is a five?member body with legislative and quasijudicial functions. No more than three members may be from the same political party. At least one member must have been domiciled at the time of appointment outside the seven?county metropolitan area. Consideration is given to persons learned in the law or persons who have engaged in engineering, public accounting, or property and utility evaluation, finance, physical or natural sciences, production agriculture, or natural resources, as well as being representative of the general public. Members may not be in the employ of or holding any official relation to or pecuniarily interested in any individual proprietorship, firm, copartnership, corporation or association, the activities of which are wholly or partially subject to regulation by the Public Utilities

Commission, nor serve on or under any committee of any political party. Members may not receive any income, other than dividends or other earnings from a mutual fund or trust if these earnings do not constitute a significant portion of the person's income, directly or indirectly from any public utility or other organization subject to regulation by the commission. No person is eligible to be appointed as a member if the person has been employed with an entity, or an affiliated company of an entity, that is subject to rate regulation by the commission within one year from the date when the person's term on the commission will begin. Members may not obtain employment from an entity, or an affiliate, that is subject to rate regulation by the commission until at least one year after leaving the commission. Members are prohibited from ex parte communications with a person who

is a party or a participant to a pending disputed proceeding or rulemaking before the Commission regarding any material issue related to such proceeding. Members are also subject to code of conduct rules that specifically apply to the Public Utilities Commission. The commission has regular weekly agenda meetings. For certain proceedings the commission will hold a special meeting. The commission also has regular planning meetings. Meetings are held at the commission's downtown St. Paul office.




ST PAUL, MN 55164?0975


M.S. 115.71?115.77

Appointing: Commissioners of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Compensation: $55 per diem

Ongoing Vacancies: One Certified Water Supply System Operator

The council advises the commissioners of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regarding classification of water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities, qualifications and competency evaluation of water supply system operators and wastewater treatment facility operators, and additional laws, rules and procedures that may be desirable for regulating the operation of water supply systems and of wastewater treatment facilities. The council consists of 11 members including one member from the MDH, Division of Environmental Health, appointed by the commissioner of MDH, one member from the MPCA; appointed by the commissioner of the MPCA; three members who must be certified water supply system operators, appointed by the commissioner of MDH; three members who must be certified wastewater treatment facility operators, appointed by the commissioner of the MPCA; one member representing an organization that represents municipalities, appointed by the commissioner of MDH with the concurrence of the commissioner of the MPCA; and two members of the public who are not associated with water supply systems or wastewater treatment facilities. One of the members of the public shall be a representative of academia in a water or wastewater?related field. One must be appointed by the commissioner of and the other by the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency. One of the water supply system operators and one of the wastewater treatment facility operator must be from outside the metro area, and one wastewater operator must come from the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services. One of the water supply system operators must representative a nonmunicipal community or nontransient noncommunity water supply system. The council meets quarterly in St. Cloud.

Application forms are available online and must be submitted by November 24, 2015, to be assured of full consideration by the appointing authority. Appointing authorities may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after November 24.

Submit an Application

Applicants should include the following documents:

? Open Appointments Application Form

? Letter of Interest

? Resume or Biography

Applications may be submitted online, by email to , or by mail or in person to:

Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State

180 State Office Building

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

St Paul, MN 55155?1299


Full List of Vacancies

The full list of vacancies is listed online.

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