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Mutual Aid Swings Into Action in Detroit Lakes

Widespread damage in the Detroit Lakes area was reported early July 12 after overnight storms. The National Weather Service reported winds of approximately 80 miles per hour. Detroit Lakes Public Utilities put in a call for mutual aid to MMUA... Read more

MPCA Begins Process to Amend Water Quality Fee Rules

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) in the June 26 State Register issued a notice that it is planning to begin a process to amend water quality fee rules (Minnesota Rules chapters 7002 and 7083). This could lead to an increase in... Read more

Saving 'Watts & Drops' Webinars Offered

Minnesota’s Clean Energy Resource Teams ( CERTS ) are offering three webinars to highlight their newest campaign: Saving Watts and Drops. These webinars may be of interest to MMUA members as they consider their Conservation Improvement... Read more

MMUA's Willetts Receives National Award

MMUA Director of Training and Safety Mike Willetts was among eighteen individuals and 10 utilities recognized for service to the American Public Power Association and the public power industry during a June 20 awards ceremony at the... Read more

Second Transmission Feed Serves Moorhead Well

From Moorhead Public Service: Friday, June 16, 2017   Tuesday night (June 13, 2017) was a perfect example as to why Moorhead Public Service (MPS) has two electrical feeds into Moorhead. Moorhead experienced a... Read more