Other Residential Customer Protections

Other Residential Customer Protections  Minn Stat §216B.098

Budget Billing.  Utilities (other than municipal utilities having 3,000 or fewer customers) must offer residential customers a budget billing plan.  Adequate notice must be provided to customers before changing budget billing amounts.

Payment Agreements.  Utilities must offer payment agreements for the payment of arrears that consider the customer’s financial circumstances and any extenuating circumstances of the household.  No additional service deposit may be charged as a condition of continuing service to a customer that has entered into and is making reasonably timely payments under an agreement.

Terms and Conditions.  Municipal and cooperative utilities may establish terms and conditions for budget billing plans and payment agreements as described above.

Undercharges.  Utilities must offer payment agreements to customers that have been undercharged if the undercharge is by no fault of the customer.  The payment agreement must cover a time period equal to the period of time which the customer was undercharged, or a different time period that is mutually agreed upon by the utility and the customer.  If the customer has a household income at or below 50 percent of the state median income, the payment agreement must consider the financial circumstances of the household.

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