Apprenticeship Program

One of the challenges that municipal electric utilities face is recruiting, training, and retaining qualified lineworkers. MMUA has developed a cost-effective and user-friendly program to help our members develop a raw, first-year apprentice into a fully qualified journeyman lineworker.

This innovative, four-year program brings top-notch teaching and hands-on skill development to your system.

The course allows the municipal utility employee who wants to advance in the lineworker’s trade to receive professional training from experienced instructors, right at the utility site. Students are given a cutting-edge academic program along with extensive hands-on training to help them progress to journeyman status. Program timing is flexible and training typically takes place one or two days a month. This training often involves actual projects on your distribution system. Students also attend several MMUA schools, tuition free.

Students from any MMUA member utility can enter this program at any time during the year, so you have the flexibility to start your apprentices when the time is right for you and your employee. We have worked with newly-hired young people from the member community, as well as well-established employees from various city departments. Use this program to grow your own outstanding municipal lineworkers.

To learn more about the Apprenticeship program, please reach out to Apprenticeship and JTS instructor Roger Avelsgard.