Transformer School

This three-phase course will start with the basics of transformers, including turns ratios, polarities, calculations, connections, and troubleshooting.

Participants will learn about the basic three-phase systems with some basic phasor diagrams and will be able to explain the relationship of the phasor to the transformer itself.

In the hands-on portion of the course, participants will work with miniature transformers that are energized and will blow fuses in order to experience what happens when something is wired incorrectly.

The class will continue to build on the miniature transformer banks and work on troubleshooting. Additionally, they will discuss motor rotation as it relates to three-phase systems, as well as ways to prevent voltage surge when switching a three-phase bank.

The 2024 Transformer School will be held November 19–22, 2024. To learn more about our last program and what you can expect, click the image of the brochure.

Event details

November 19–22, 2024


MMUA Training Center
1004 Michigan Rd
Marshall, MN 56258

Who should attend?

This school can benefit anyone who works in a substation environment or those interested in learning more.

Training to be covered

Upon completion of the three-phase transformer connections class, participants should have a good understanding of the following topics, related to transformers:

  • Basic three-phase connections
  • Delta connection
  • Wye connection
  • Open delta connection
  • Three-phase troubleshooting