Substation School

Having the best distribution system in the world won’t matter if your substation isn’t operating properly. Recognizing that, MMUA presents a Substation School annually. This school offers instruction on a variety of important topics that can benefit anyone working in/on your substation—from the substation technician to the lineworker interested in learning more about substations.

In addition to expert-led classroom instruction, attendees will be able to tour a substation and a transformer manufacturer. Substation School is the best annual opportunity in Minnesota for learning about current trends and best practices for maintaining your utility’s vital substations.

The 2025 Substation School will be held March 11–13, 2025. To learn more about the 2024 program and what you can expect in 2025, click the image of the brochure.

Event details

March 11–13, 2025


To be announced

Who should attend?

This school can benefit anyone who works in a substation environment or those interested in learning more.

Training to be covered
Substation maintenance and inspections

Proper operation and maintenance of your substation is key to sustaining the heartbeat of your power distribution system and ensuring reliability to your customer base. We will cover the industry’s best practices on a variety of operational concepts and maintenance issues.

The basics of substation configuration

There are many different components and systems integral to the workings of a substation—knowing what they are and what they do is critically important for the safe operation of substations. Increase your understanding of the major systems and their associated components typically found in your substations.

Cause and effect of improper maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the most important aspects of maintaining substations. Learn about some of the most commonly found issues in substations and what could happen if they are not caught in time.

Benefits of infrared technology

Using infrared technology can be an effective way to keep your substations in check, and your utility can do it on your own. Discover the different ways this technology can improve safety.

Safety and security in substations

There are a number of different hazards involved in substations. Knowing how to protect yourself from those is of the utmost importance. Are you wearing the proper equipment? What tools are available to better protect yourself? Find out the answers to these questions and more.