Regular Member

Any city in the state of Minnesota owning and operating a municipal electric, district heating, gas, or water utility is eligible for membership in MMUA as a regular member. Cities that do not operate an electric or natural gas utility may join. Because regular member dues are based on size and electric and/or natural gas sales, there is a separate dues structure for water utilities. 

Only regular members have voting rights. Each regular member is entitled to cast one vote on any matter coming before the membership at an MMUA meeting, typically our Annual Summer Conference. A regular member designates in writing the individual who will act as its representative.

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Associate Member

This is our membership category for businesses and other entities. Any natural or legal persons not eligible as regular or affiliate members in the corporation may apply for admission as an associate member.

The history of many associate members is closely associated with municipal utilities. Associate members provide valuable services to regular members, many of which are relatively small entities and necessarily look outside their organizations for assistance on various issues. MMUA and its utility members value the associate members and the goods and services they provide.


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