Diesel Generation Operators Training Program

The Diesel Generation Operator Training (DGOT) program is a new offering from the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association (MMUA). Many Minnesotan towns have the capacity to generate their own electricity, and qualified operators are difficult to find.

MMUA has developed DGOT to assist towns with assessment, education, and oversight of their generation procedures and practices to create a situation for safe operation of generation facilities for personnel and equipment. 

Click here to download a brochure for the DGOT program.

Technical training

Begin your journey through the DGOT program by participating in one of several customizable training subjects, such as normal operations review, black-start operations review, or facility inspection and maintenance.

Also available is a program customized to your facility to help train employees to become qualified generation operators. This program will include subjects such as understanding basic station one-line drawings; safe operations of equipment; and understanding of cooling, lube oil, and fuel systems.

Your utility may have staff interested in becoming qualified as generation operators. The DGOT program will help these employees acquire hands-on training. For experienced generation operators, the DGOT program will offer training evaluation and enrichment opportunities.


Operational support

Through the DGOT, you will receive additional support on operations and maintenance policies and procedures, including scheduling regular maintenance.


Meet the instructor

Paul HellingMMUA Generation Coordinator and JT&S Instructor Paul Helling, a 16-year municipal generation operator with experience in several different facilities before joining the Association, will lead this training opportunity for towns of any size and workers of any skill level.

To schedule a session, please contact Paul. Scheduling is subject to instructor availability and will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. For any questions, please contact Paul by email or by phone.