Tree Trimming Workshop

Maintaining your electric lines often includes some degree of tree care. And following a storm or strong winds, clearing trees from power lines may be necessary to restore service.  

It's vital that crews are properly trained and comply with applicable Safety Standards, including OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.268, 1910.269 and 1910.333, and ANSI Z133.1-2000.

This workshop offers attendees a thorough overview of electrical line tree trimming. This course will stress the importance of the job briefing and planning for the job. Safety hazards will be identified and the precautions to take will be covered.

The 2024 Tree Trimming Workshop will be held October 8–10, 2024. To learn more about our last program and what you can expect, click the image of the brochure.

Event details

October 8–10, 2024


Brainerd Public Utilities
8027 Highland Scenic Dr
Baxter, MN 56425

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for any municipal employee responsible for tree work; it’s not just for lineworkers.

Training to be covered

Topics typically include:

  • Review of OSHA and ANSI safety standards
  • Chainsaw safety and maintenance
  • Wood chipper safety and proper use
  • Overview of tree species; best time of year to cut them
  • Proper way to trim a tree and how much to trim
  • Rigging techniques and proper application
  • Tree cuts for clearing trees and tree limbs from power lines
  • Proper techniques on felling trees
  • How to be an effective team and work safely on the ground and in the bucket