Mission, Vision, Values

Why MMUA Exists

The Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association is a nonprofit corporation representing the interests of the state’s 100+ municipal electric and natural gas utilities.  MMUA was formed in 1931 and provides a wide variety of services to its members.

MMUA's Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in advocacy, bringing value to municipal utilities, and enhancing their position in the industry.

MMUA's Mission

To unify, support, and serve as a common voice for municipal utilities. 

MMUA's Values

People:  Practice respect, demonstrate leadership, encourage growth through education and training.

Safety:  Be safety-driven at all times and work to instill a safety culture in all operations.

Advocacy:  Be an articulate and powerful voice on the issues.

Teamwork:  Working together we can accomplish what would be impossible alone.

Communication:  Listen carefully, and speak respectfully and truthfully.

Creativity:  Find new solutions to meet new challenges.

Dedication:  Do whatever it takes to help our members get the job done.

Integrity:  Be honest, trustworthy, reliable, and fiscally responsible. 

Environment:  Support the efficient use of resources and sustainable energy.

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Early Power Plant Operator: Luverne, Minnesota 

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The Power of Community

Video highlights the benefits of Public Power in Minnesota

Hometown Connections Helps MMUA Members

Hometown Connections is an American Public Power Association subsidiary that provides products and services designed to help municipal utilities meet today's new and pressing industry challenges. MMUA is a Hometown Connections Affiliate.

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