Mission, Vision, Values

Why MMUA Exists

The Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association is a nonprofit corporation representing the interests of the state’s 100+ municipal electric and natural gas utilities.  MMUA was formed in 1931 and provides a wide variety of services to its members.

MMUA's Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in advocacy, bringing value to municipal utilities, and enhancing their position in the industry.

MMUA's Mission

To unify, support, and serve as a common voice  for municipal utilities. 

MMUA's Values

People:  Practice respect, demonstrate leadership, encourage growth through education and training.

Safety:  Be safety-driven at all times and work to instill a safety culture in all operations.

Advocacy:  Be an articulate and powerful voice on the issues.

Teamwork:  Working together we can accomplish what would be impossible alone.

Communication:  Listen carefully, and speak respectfully and truthfully.

Creativity:  Find new solutions to meet new challenges.

Dedication:  Do whatever it takes to help our members get the job done.

Integrity:  Be honest, trustworthy, reliable, and fiscally responsible. 

Environment:  Support the efficient use of resources and sustainable energy.

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Power Plant in Moorhead, Minnesota | 1895

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