Mutual Aid/Disaster Response

Hard-won experience

Municipal utilities are not immune to natural disasters. In fact, a list of communities devastated by recent floods, tornadoes and ice storms includes many MMUA member cities. We never know when disaster will strike, but we do know it is only a matter of time.

MMUA staff has gained a tremendous amount of hard-won experience over the years in responding to natural disasters. When disaster does strike, MMUA staff is prepared, at a moment’s notice, to come to your community to assist in the process of rebuilding your facilities. MMUA can organize and oversee any aspect of the mutual aid effort, allowing your staff to concentrate on the tasks it will need to focus on in a disaster recovery.

For more information, contact Mike Willetts at 612-802-8474.

Video Captures 2016 Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo

See the 4-minute rodeo recap video of the 2016 Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo, live on the MMUA YouTube channel. It features great footage and interviews with a number of key players in the event. The April 2 event was hosted by Shakopee Public Utilities and MMUA, and brought together lineworkers from across the country. Watch this video and enjoy reliving that amazing day. Be sure to bundle up before you click!


Hometown Connections Helps MMUA Members

Hometown Connections is an American Public Power Association subsidiary that provides products and services designed to help municipal utilities meet today's new and pressing industry challenges. MMUA is a Hometown Connections Affiliate.

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