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Minnesota 'Hands-Free' Law Effective Aug. 1

Minnesota's new 'Hands-Free' law goes into effect Aug. 1. The law places certain restrictions on the use of cell phones while driving. The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, a division of the Department of Public Safety, has... Read more

Process Outlined to Resolve, Report CenturyLink Locating Issues

Many municipal utilities and other excavators, along with homeowners and businesses, have been affected by CenturyLink Inc.’s transition to a new locating company to mark the location of CenturyLink underground facilities in Minnesota.... Read more

MMUA Scholarship Contest Winners Selected

The MMUA Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship Award winners were selected Thursday, April 25.  The top four essays in the 19 th annual contest are: First Place: Riley Wempner, Austin Second Place:  Rebecca Brown, Alexandria... Read more

Grants for EV Fleet Charging Stations Closes May 7

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is accepting grant applications until May 7 for electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging stations. Cities and municipal utilities are eligible and urged to apply. Find out all you need to know at the MPCA... Read more

Harsh Winter Reveals Weakness in Utility Systems

Record-breaking cold Jan. 30-31 resulted in the unavailability of approximately 25 percent of the region's electrical generation capacity, due to unplanned outages. For more on the Midcontinent Independent System Operator's 'Maximum... Read more