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Mutual Aid Crews Scheduled to Return Home

Minnesota municipal electric linemen who answered the ‘mutual aid’ call in the wake of Hurricane Irma have done exceptional work, by all accounts, and are scheduled to leave for home tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Sept. 19). Over the... Read more

Mutual Aid Crews Earns Praise; At Work in Lake Worth

The Minnesota municipal electric crews yesterday moved from Kissimmee to Lake Worth, Fla., just south of Palm Beach. This area has lots of damage and it’s going to take some time to get the system up and running.  After the travel... Read more

Mutual Aid Crews Moving to Lake Worth

One down, at least one more to go. With the help of MMUA-coordinated crews from Minnesota municipal electric utilities, the lights are back on in the Public Power city of Kissimmee, Florida. A few small outages remained this morning, that... Read more

Minnesota Crews Hard at Work Repairing Hurricane Irma Damage

The Minnesota municipal electric crews are hard at work alongside those from the Kissimmee Utility Authority, as they diligently repair damage from Hurricane Irma. By late yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, the 44 men had arrived and were... Read more

Minnesota Crews Scheduled to Reach Kissimmee, Florida Today

Hurricane Irma mutual aid update: The Minnesota municipal electric utility crews responding to calls for help planned on leaving Cartersville, Georgia around 4:00 a.m. this morning. If all goes as planned, that should put them at Kissimmee... Read more